2022 Spring Festival Gala

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The most-watched 2022 Lunar New Year Spring Festival Gala Show has generated a total of 400K ad impressions combined within only 7 days and triggered a significant 2.7% CTR on average.


iTalk TV Platforms’ largest annual campaign was sponsored by New York Life Insurance Company, Remitly, LingoAce, and Hyundai.


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CCTV’s Spring Festival Gala Show is the most important and most watched TV program during the Lunar New Year for the Chinese community. Almost every Chinese ethnic person across the globe watches it. iTalk TV Platforms was licensed for the broadcasting rights in North America to serve the Chinese Americans to stay connected with its culture.

According to the historical data, viewers spend nearly 40% more time watching iTalk TV Platforms during the Lunar New Year holiday season. Not only CCTV’s Spring Festival Gala, but viewers can also access all the New Year Special programs that are trendy in mainland China on iTalk TV Platforms at once. We were honored to partner with the following four brands to celebrate the Lunar New Year with our audiences.



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 Long Term Sponsorship Partner-   New York Life Insurance Company (NYLIC) 

NYLIC is one of the largest mutual insurers in the U.S with over 175 years of experience and is constantly helping people act on their love. NYLIC delivers care and commitment to customers when they are in need.

The Chinese-American community represented one of the largest migrant population groups in the NYLIC’s existing customer profile. NYLIC is dedicated to sending care and warmth to the community during the Lunar New Year holiday season.

NYLIC has been a long-term partner with iTalkBB Media and has sponsored the Spring Festival Gala campaigns for two consecutive years. In 2021, NYLIC’s national exclusive title sponsorship campaign on iTalkBB TV’s set-top-box had generated over 2 million ad impressions.

The NYLIC’s 2022 Spring Festival Gala sponsorship campaign has integrated iTalkBB Media’s ad solutions including TV commercials and multiple banner display ads on the iTalk TV Platforms. This campaign has performed an incredible click-through rate of 2.86%.




 Strategic Multi-Channel Advertising Partner-  Remitly


Remitly is a public fintech company that provides trusted financial service products to send money internationally. Remitly’s mission is to tirelessly deliver its promise of helping immigrants in developed countries to send money home to families in developing nations without being charged an unreasonable amount of fees.

Chinese Americans are one of the largest immigrant communities in the United States. Remitly wished to empower people in the community to access a more approachable way to transfer money home.

Remitly’s 2021 mid-autumn festival campaign on iTalk TV Platforms had kicked off the China-US transaction market and performed a boosted 2.6 times brand awareness and 31% of consideration & acquisition rate lifted among Chinese Americans.

With the remarkable result from the first campaign, Remitly continued the partnership with iTalkBB Media in 2022’s Spring Festival Gala campaign during the Lunar New Year to provide a new way of sending red envelopes to loved ones back home. Remitly strategized with iTalkBB Media's multi-channel ad solutions with not only the traditional display ads and video ads but emphasized more on iTalkBB Media’s social media and email campaigns.





 Sponsorship Entitlement Partner-   LingoAce


LingoAce is a Chinese language learning platform designed to enrich every learning moment for the modern young learner through technology, greater immersion, and enjoyment in language learning. It has delivered over 2 million course hours to learners in 100+ countries.

LingoAce understands the challenges American-born Chinese kids learning Chinese can struggle with. iTalkBB Media was able to act as an ideal media partner for LingoAce’s business development to reach most Chinese American families.

LingoAce started the partnership with iTalkBB Media to boost its brand awareness from the 2021 Q4 campaign which was entitled as the sponsorship in 6 selected TV programs that Chinese moms watch the most in order to target the right audiences. It has successfully generated a total of over 1 million impressions.

The remarkable result has driven LingoAce to continue the partnership with iTalkBB Media in 2022’s Spring Festival Gala sponsorship campaign to celebrate the Lunar New Year with North America’s Chinese families.


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Hyundai is a Korean motor company that has become the third-largest vehicle manufacturer in the world, after Toyota and Volkswagen. Hyundai’s sales volumes are accounted for 4.86% of the US automotive market and targeting to sell 1.7 million units in 2026, said the CEO.

Hyundai’s successful 2021 Q4 campaign with a 1.76% CTR on iTalkBB TV’s digital platform had also resulted in continuing the partnership for the 2022 Spring Festival Gala campaign. The sponsorship package includes a variety of ad formats such as display ads and video ads on both iTalkBB Chines TV’s set-top-box and iTalkBB TV’s digital platforms.


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“Through this exclusive opportunity to be part of the Most Exciting Cultural Celebration of the Year, not only did New York Life reach over two million people, but we also communicated the story through multiple channels all at a time. It was one of the most ambitious and successful campaigns. Glad to join work with iTalkBB to service our Asian American communities.“ -Dongming Sun, Corporate Vice President, Target Market & Recruiting Strategy - AGY (NYLIC)




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