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Brand awareness increased substantially among the nationwide Chinese Canadian community through the Chun Wan program sponsorship campaign.




Johnson & Johnson is known as the leading brand in the pharmaceutical industry. Its well-known pain medication, Tylenol, which aspired to increase their cultural relevancy to ultimately drive sales and engage existing customers. Thus, Tylenol partnered with iTalkBB Media to utilize iTalk TV Platforms’ strong influence within the Chinese Canadian community in order to reach Tylenol’s target customers.


About Chun Wan, The Spring Festival Gala Show

During the Lunar New Year, The Spring Festival Gala Show “Chun Wan” is known as one of the most popular programs that Chinese people watch during the holiday. iTalk TV Platforms are honored to be authorized to broadcast CCTV and provincial channels’ “Chun Wan” programs in North America. “Chun Wan” consists of a set of large-scale variety TV shows that include singer performances, stand-up comedy, dancing, and acrobatic performances.

According to the historical data, viewers spend nearly 40% more time watching iTalk TV Platforms during the Lunar New Year holiday season. Not only CCTV’s Spring Festival Gala, but viewers can also access all the New Year Special programs that are trendy in mainland China on iTalk TV Platforms at once.



Exclusive Sponsorship Campaign that Implemented Program Targeting Solution During Lunar New Year


By leveraging the holiday celebration season, iTalkBB Media was able to help Johnson & Johnson connect its Tylenol brand with the Chinese Canadian community by launching an exclusive sponsorship campaign.

The campaign was concluded by reaching 94.8% of Canadian subscribers of iTalk TV Platforms which represented 22% of the total Chinese Canadian population. Tylenol’s brand awareness has successfully increased among iTalk TV Platforms’ audiences.



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