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Coway’s campaign on iTalkBB platforms successfully boosted brand awareness by targeting regional audiences in California, New York, and New Jersey.


California, New York, and New Jersey represent the largest Chinese-speaking communities in North America. Geographically, iTalkBB has a significant user base and influence within these regions. Therefore, campaigns were delivered seamlessly to target viewers throughout iTalkBB’s multiple platforms.



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Coway is a home-wellness appliance brand that designs and manufactures award-winning products. Coway values customer wellbeing at the heart of its business philosophy and strives to provide customers with happier and healthier lives.


Backed by the world's largest water and air R&D infrastructure, Coway currently offers products in 6 Asian countries as well as overseas markets such as the US and Europe. Coway's flagship products include water purifiers and air purifiers. Coway's water purifiers were the first in Asia to receive National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) certification. Additionally, the popularity of Coway's air purifiers remains apparent with one being sold every 31 seconds over the past four years.


Coway has been growing in the North American market since 2007 with a total of 6 physical stores located in southern California and New York. This resulted in Coway’s strategy to expand deeper into the Chinese American market, focusing on regions of dense Asian populations.


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Accurate Targeting Solution 

Coway was able to access iTalkBB TV’s 22% user base in the Greater New York area and 20% user base in the Greater Los Angeles area to accomplish their targeting goals. The campaign presented 30-second video ads, pause ads, and in-app banner display ads.


Besides the ads solutions on iTalkBB’s TV streaming services, Coway also implemented exclusive promotional email campaigns and static ads displayed in iTalkBB’s physical stores. Meanwhile, iTalkBB Media didn’t just deliver the campaigns but also managed the ad productions. Our creative team produced in-language, on-brand ad content for Coway’s campaigns which increased the connectivity with our Chinese-speaking audiences.


In addition, at 2022’s annual Asian American Expo, iTalkBB’s booth introduced Coway’s high-quality wellness products to the Asian consumers in person, which further boosted Coway's brand awareness in the market.




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