5 Ways Brands Empower the Voice of AAPI Community

Posted by Chloe Ho on Mar 20, 2023 12:56:52 PM



May is officially designated as AAPI Heritage Month, an annual month-long celebration that recognizes the historical and cultural contributions and achievements of individuals and groups of Asian, Asian American, and Pacific Islander descent to the United States.

AAPI Month also serves as a reminder of the ongoing struggles and challenges that the AAPI community faces with the sharp rise in anti-Asian sentiment and hate crimes since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. By acknowledging and celebrating the unique cultural heritage and experiences of the AAPI community, AAPI Month promotes cross-cultural understanding and unity among the diverse communities that make up America.



Why Brands and Agencies Need to Amplify The Voices of The AAPI Community

Companies have a responsibility to increase representation and diversity to reflect the multicultural nature of American society. According to Edelman, nearly 64% of consumers worldwide will buy or boycott a brand solely based on its position on social or political issues. With the Asian American consumer market being worth $1.2 trillion and has become the fastest-growing consumer segment in the U.S., brands should look to engage with the AAPI community by increasing their inclusivity and diversity,  which will build stronger ties and trust with this growing demographic.  

Similarly, the older generation of the AAPI communities have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share, having endured many hardships and made many sacrifices to immigrate to America in search of a better life for their families. Furthermore, a report by AARP found that this demographic has significant spending power, and is drawn to products and services that reflect their culture and values. By amplifying their voices, brands can empower the older generation, help them preserve their values and traditions for future generations, and build brand loyalty and consumer trust through direct connection with the older generation of the AAPI community.



Ways Brands and Agencies Can Amplify The Voices of The AAPI Community

For those looking to support and amplify the voices of the AAPI Community, here are 5 ways how to get started:




1. Follow and learn more about AAPI accounts

To celebrate AAPI Month, brands can start by following diverse AAPI accounts to gain a deeper understanding of the community's experiences and challenges. This will also help them avoid perpetuating harmful stereotypes or misinformation while building trust and credibility with the community. By developing a nuanced understanding of this dynamic community, brands can create more impactful and meaningful content that resonates with the AAPI audience.


6 AAPI accounts to follow today:



2. Diversify representation of the AAPI community


Representation matters. To demonstrate their commitment to inclusivity, brands can ensure that their marketing and leadership teams are diverse. When the AAPI community sees that their voices and experiences are represented in a brand’s messaging, they feel seen, valued, and heard. This leads to increased brand loyalty and a stronger positive connection with the AAPI community. By promoting accurate representation, brands can help break down harmful stereotypes and contribute to a more inclusive society with a positive impact on social attitudes towards the AAPI community.


3. Spotlight AAPI voices in your community  


Spotlighting AAPI voices is just as important as educating your community about AAPI issues. Brands can amplify the voices of those who are making a positive impact in their communities, bringing awareness to important issues that may not be receiving enough attention. By featuring local AAPI creators, activists, and community leaders, brands can create a sense of connection and authenticity with the community, fostering pride and recognition and building a stronger bond between the brand and the community.


4. Partner with AAPI organizations and creators


Partnering with AAPI organizations and creators can help brands create more authentic and nuanced campaigns that accurately reflect the community while avoiding perpetuating stereotypes or promoting misinformation. This can also build trust and credibility with the community, generating a more positive image and a stronger relationship between the brand and the community. Collaborating on campaigns or initiatives can also have a practical impact by raising awareness, funds, and support for important causes that make a positive difference in the lives of AAPI people.


5 AAPI organizations/creators to follow today:



5. Spread awareness to the public through advertising on streaming media

In the Year of Rabbit, 2023, McDonald’s launched a new Lunar New Year campaign by partnering with the award-winning, viral digital content creator Karen X Cheng to launch an interactive Lunar New Year campaign that celebrated Cheng’s heritage and the AAPI community in an innovative way while honoring the legacy of the holiday. McDonald’s has consistently supported and empowered the AAPI community through year-long programs dedicated to ensuring that AAPIs feel seen and heard. In addition to celebrating important cultural moments like Lunar New Year, AAPI Month, and Mid-Autumn Festival, McDonald's is also committed to addressing the needs of AAPI youth with initiatives like APA Next, an AAPI-focused education initiative launched in 2021 to address the unique needs of AAPI students. 


In 2021, Nike launched a campaign titled "Until We All Win" that aimed to promote diversity and inclusivity in sports. The campaign featured a video ad that highlighted the experiences of AAPI athletes and showcased their determination and resilience in the face of adversity. The ad was shared on Nike's social media channels and also aired during major sporting events like the NBA playoffs.


Moving Forward

While it is important to celebrate AAPI Month and the AAPI community, brands should not just see this as a marketing opportunity, but as a way to learn more about the AAPI community and raise further awareness for important issues and causes. 

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