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STREAMING CHINESE: iTalkBB Media 2023 Insight Report



Interested in learning more about your Chinese American consumers but have no ideas where to start?



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Chinese People Love Making Money, They Also Love Shopping Strategically



The concept of money is ingrained in Chinese culture that many have a life goal of making a fortune.



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The Traditional Chinese Holidays That You Should Mark on Your Media Plan



Looking to target Chinese Americans but have no clue how and when to start a campaign?


Save this article...

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Meet iTalkBB Media, The Most Prominent Chinese In-language Media in North America



Are you struggling with finding the Chinese American audience? 


You’ve got us covered. iTalkBB Media Inc....

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3 Undeniable Benefits of OTT Advertising. Here's Why Brands Are Shifting Their Marketing Dollars



How do companies maximize the value of their marketing dollars in the OTT industry? What is the best way to reach...

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OTT is Never a Fixed Pie. Streaming Market Forecast by 2030



Have you ever noticed the amount of time you spend on Netflix, Hulu, or Disney + is more than what you think?...

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The Best Lifestyle Media Platform Designed For Chinese Ethnic People Who Live In North America



Living an immigrant life can be challenging. But it doesn’t have to be. Imagine a community that involves and...

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With access to a 2.6 million viewer community, iTalkBB Media is a leading source for advertisers to effectively penetrate the Chinese American market in North America.
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